Prise_de_la_Bastille-2July 14, 1789. If you’re a history buff, you recognize the date. In France, the Storming of the Bastille. In our industry, July 14, 2015 was just as historic; it marked the official end of support by Microsoft for Windows 2003. The date was called out well in advance by the trade press with multiple recommendations for remediation, as the threatening negative security consequences for running critical apps on W2003 were communicated globally.

So how serious was the problem, how much of it has been solved nearly one year later, and what opportunities still exist for Skyport Channel Partners? Some quick facts:

  • Using unsupported software leads directly to loss of confidentiality, data integrity and critical system resources in the enterprise.
  • As of 7/14/2015 estimates were that 20% of all Windows Server VMs were on 2003.
  • Questions were raised about the effectiveness of DMZs and public cloud as migration solutions.
  • Microsoft has offered customized, but pricey, support options to customers – that ultimately requires migration to next generation OS.
  • As of July 14, last year, there were an estimated 2.7 million Windows2003 servers deployed, and therefore unprotected.

So here it comes – the 1-year anniversary of Windows 2003 end-of-support. It’s right there, looming in the headlights of your sales and technical team. The data is in your hands, and the customer requirement is real and critical.

So…. “What’s in Your Wallet”? Or more seriously, “What’s in Your 2016 Plan?” “Uncle Phil” recommends asking your customers  3 critical questions:

  • Have you assessed your Windows 2003 end of support vulnerabilities?
  • Are you running key applications on out-of-support OS?
  • Can we schedule a meeting with your customer to demonstrate the SkySecure trusted compute environment and collaborate on a migration plan?

Looking forward to connecting our teams to storm this serious customer security vulnerability together!

– Phil