Congratulations to the crew at Nutanix, who just hit the public markets in a successful IPO. I hope this marks the beginning of a tech-IPO revival. What it definitely demonstrates is that organizations are investing heavily in their hybrid enterprise infrastructure. It also highlights the huge role converged systems will have on the data centers that companies will continue to build.

2016-09-30_art-blog_pic-2Excitement continues to build regarding the growth of cloud computing, and it should. This IPO, however, underscores that the market for technology in the data center also remains robust. The difference is that companies want infrastructure solutions that are easier to manage and integrate. They want to focus less on building and managing the underlying systems so they can instead focus more on running and operating the valuable applications. The hyper-converged market —bringing networking, storage and computing together — is the new wave of this tightly integrated stack that helps organizations quickly deploy and deliver their services.

So what is the next step? We believe there are four parts that must be integrated and work in concert to deliver the infrastructure that organizations need. They are compute, networking, storage AND security. As it occurs with most exciting new platforms, the early converged entrants focused more on functionality and forgot the security. That has proven to be a painful choice for their customers.

Skyport Systems built infrastructure with security at its core to provide a safe environment to run the most important and often most vulnerable systems. We are committed to delivering secure infrastructure for your hybrid enterprise. As security captivates the minds of CIOs, CEOs and boards of directors, now is the time to invest in building security into the fabric of your infrastructure. Hyper-converged products will help to make it easier for companies to more quickly deliver services. Skyport Systems has now made it safer, too.

-Art Gilliland