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November is almost over and here’s your essential roundup of five captivating stories in cybersecurity this month—everything from kiddo hackers to the gender gap in security and an easy way to protect legacy applications, and more. Read on …

1. 15 Under 15: Rising Stars in Cybersecurity

What were you doing when you were age 8, 11 or 15? While many of us were climbing trees, riding bikes and hanging out with friends, these 15 rising stars aged 15 or under are solving the world’s cybersecurity issues. Check out the impressive resumes of these kids on this 15 under 15 list by Sara Sorcher and Ann Hermes at Passcode.

2. To the Next President: Get a National Cybersecurity Strategy

When the issue of cybersecurity came up in the presidential election, neither of the candidates were able to speak at length about a plan. Now that the election is over, the work has really just begun for the next president elect. French Caldwell discusses why it’s time for a coherent national cybersecurity strategy over at Forbes.

3. If You Want to Avoid Getting Hacked, Hire Women

Gender diversity in cybersecurity is regressing. According to one study, only 10 percent of security pros are women, down from the data collected in the past two years. Add minority women to the mix, and the percentage is even lower. Here’s John Knefel’s take at Inverse on why “dudes are bad for security.”

4. Many Companies Are Sleepwalking into a Cybersecurity Nightmare

So it takes months to detect some breaches and a third of them are never discovered. Not to mention one in three cyber attacks result in a breach. Would you say this is the picture of perfect enterprise security today? Didn’t think so. Yet, 75 percent of executives claimed to be confident in their ability to protect against attacks. What’s wrong with this picture? Colm Gorey at Silicon Republic explores.

5. Now There’s an Easy Way to Secure Your Legacy Applications

Imagine you had hundreds of legacy applications—those critical apps that run the day to day of your organization—that were out of compliance, making your company vulnerable to cyber attacks. Now imagine if there was an easier, pain-free way to secure those applications. Intrigued? Find out how in this article by Rick Hanson at the Skyport Systems blog.

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