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If you’re an IT security pro, you’re probably aware that social media can be leveraged in security attacks … but did you also know it can help build your personal brand and connect you with others in your space, including top talent?

In this industry report by Leadtail, Inc., research revealed how the most influential IT security executives in North America (more than 600) use Twitter to connect, learn and share. Let’s look closer at those findings now.

Who Are These IT Executives?

Among the 600+ IT security professionals researched, patterns emerged in their Twitter biographies, giving us additional clues into who they are, as we can see in the following word cloud:

Word Cloud of Twitter Biographies

And where are they located? It may come as no surprise that the Western United States had the most IT security executives at 26 percent, but the Northeast trailed closely behind at 25 percent, while the Southeast came in third at 19 percent.

What’s on the Minds of Security Professionals Today?

The hashtags that IT security pros use on Twitter give us insight into trending topics that matter to the industry. This, in turn, can offer ideas on how to join the conversation if you’ve got something to say about it.

Word Cloud of Twitter Hashtags

Where are these professionals going to get their information? Below is a list of the top industry-specific publications shared most on Twitter by those in the research sample. This begs the question: Can your brand be where they go for insights?

Top Industry Publications

Within the Twitter ecosystem, there are always influencers–those with high popularity and engagement. In the sample studied, we saw who influences IT security execs on Twitter by discovering which Twitter handles were most mentioned and retweeted by IT security pros:

Twitter Influencers

The Leadtail report comes packed with even more information, like:

  1. The big, mainstream publishers shared most by security professionals
  2. The top influencers in the industry on Twitter
  3. What to do with all this information if you’re looking to leverage social media as a tool for branding and building connections

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