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Now There’s an Easy Way to Secure Your Legacy Applications

I was with a colleague at lunch a few months back and this discussion came up in excruciating detail. The issue specifically had to do with security and compliance for old or “legacy applications” that are sitting on older versions of Windows or Red Hat.

The problem is one we hear often: the application was written by either someone who has moved on to another position, doesn’t work there anymore or was written by a company that went under or decided to end-of-life (EOL) the application.

What do you do when the vulnerability scanner run by your security department detects up to 600 applications that are out of compliance? In most cases, the security organization will want these applications either upgraded or moved off your network.

This isn’t always possible due to the criticality of most of these applications. Often, they are critical to run the day-to-day operations of the company or they are critical to the well-being of the organization.
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Personalizing the Cyber Security Sale – Building Credibility, Confidence and Trust

As a long-time cyber professional who began my career on the engineering side of the house, I often thought about the rapport I needed to build with my customers. As an engineer (sales engineer to be precise), my value was in connecting to our customers and leveraging the conversation from layman’s terms to technical terms and vice-versa. The ability to build that confidence and credibility with our customers was so important to our success.

As I moved my career in the direction of direct sales, it became even more important to ensure that I built this credibility with my customers. Yet, sales opened my eyes to a much bigger realization—there is something more important than the credibility and confidence in oneself and a product.

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