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Private Cloud, Take 2: Predictions for 2017


While an industry-wide love affair with public cloud continues to rage, the goal of providing a parallel experience for on-premise IT remains unsatisfied.

What we have seen so far is a thin veneer on top of existing aging vendor offerings (VMware), and with OpenStack, a passionate community has been iterating an open source solution of self-service for developers. In both cases, the operations characteristics do not resemble public cloud at all, limiting the adoption.

Next year, a new definition of private cloud will evolve to create an operations-focused take on private cloud with three key characteristics.

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VMware’s Goldilocks Security lost in the woods

2016-10-04_pic-1I have admired VMware’s technology for many years. I currently have a multi-node 5.5 vSphere deployment at home, and in my free time I love running benchmarks to marvel at what years of optimization by VMware has gotten us.  So, it was with great interest that I followed the unfolding vision and roadmap that Martin Casado laid out on behalf of VMware two and a half years ago. This vision regarding why security applied at the virtualization layer was the true answer to building a secure infrastructure, was especially exciting for me. I had just co-founded Skyport Systems a year earlier on a dovetailed premise that we need a fundamentally new approach to security as built-in secure infrastructure, and that the virtualization layer is key component.

However based on the update at VMworld 2016 (“How Virtualization Will Transform Security”), it is clear that VMware has lost their way in execution of the eloquent vision Martin laid out for them.  They have become  distracted from delivering on an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for secure virtualization that the IT industry desperately needs to secure an aging architecture that VMware introduced in a prior IT era.
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