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Securing Your Biggest IT Risk: Microsoft Active Directory [SlideShare Presentation]

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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Active Directory (AD) is a lot more important than you might think. Yes, it’s a convenient utility, but it also serves as the veritable keys to your kingdom. Privileged credentials, certificate validation and rights management? All handled by AD.

After all, 63 percent of confirmed data breaches involved weak, default or stolen passwords. And, since AD is the core identity system for more than 90 percent of organizations, chances are that most of those data breaches also involved compromised AD.

At this point you might be asking, “If AD is so crucial, then why is it so frequently underprotected, and how can I protect mine?”

Well, you’re about to find out.

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Why 90% of IT Environments Are Likely Hackable



Over the past year, we’ve been conducting extensive Microsoft Active Directory assessments across varying organizations. Our findings revealed the startling fact that nearly 100 percent of IT environments are susceptible to malicious attacks, thanks to just one critical application: Active Directory. Let’s discuss some of the reasons why this is.

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Why Microsoft Active Directory is High Risk for Cyber Attacks [Infographic]

Ninety-five percent of Fortune 1000 companies use Microsoft Active Directory for authentication. Because Active Directory (AD) is not on the radar of most organizations as a target for cyber attacks, it’s often overlooked and vulnerable. Check out our infographic for more, and then download our ebook on protecting your Active Directory here.

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