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Skyport Systems at RSA 2017: Active Directory Assessment Data Show Over 90% of Environments Likely Hackable

Hear what our customers are learning and sharing about securing Active Directory, and find out if your environment will stack up against the latest threats.

If you’re headed to RSA this year, here’s how to get in touch, so we can show you how to run your most business-critical applications safely.

This year’s RSA Conference, held in San Francisco, Calif., Feb. 13 to Feb. 17, is sure to be ripe with inspiring security innovation. With more than 45,000 individuals and 500 companies that participate in the conference each year, it’s a show not to miss, and Skyport Systems has quite a few things going on.

Check out the activities below and find one that works for you.

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Private Cloud, Take 2: Predictions for 2017


While an industry-wide love affair with public cloud continues to rage, the goal of providing a parallel experience for on-premise IT remains unsatisfied.

What we have seen so far is a thin veneer on top of existing aging vendor offerings (VMware), and with OpenStack, a passionate community has been iterating an open source solution of self-service for developers. In both cases, the operations characteristics do not resemble public cloud at all, limiting the adoption.

Next year, a new definition of private cloud will evolve to create an operations-focused take on private cloud with three key characteristics.

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Top 5 Predictions in IT Infrastructure and Security for 2017

Hands Holding Crystal Ball

As we head into the new year, there is a lot of reflection on what we have accomplished and where we tried but didn’t succeed. Looking forward, I am most excited about the massive architectural changes going on in infrastructure as it adapts to business requirements.

Cloud computing has had a tremendous impact on what organizations expect from their environments. Those expectations will have a remarkable impact on what emerges and defines 2017.

Here are my Top 5 predictions as to what to expect in 2017 in IT infrastructure and security.

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How IT Security Executives Are Taking on Social Media

Twitter on Mobile Device

If you’re an IT security pro, you’re probably aware that social media can be leveraged in security attacks … but did you also know it can help build your personal brand and connect you with others in your space, including top talent?

In this industry report by Leadtail, Inc., research revealed how the most influential IT security executives in North America (more than 600) use Twitter to connect, learn and share. Let’s look closer at those findings now.

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Now There’s an Easy Way to Secure Your Legacy Applications

I was with a colleague at lunch a few months back and this discussion came up in excruciating detail. The issue specifically had to do with security and compliance for old or “legacy applications” that are sitting on older versions of Windows or Red Hat.

The problem is one we hear often: the application was written by either someone who has moved on to another position, doesn’t work there anymore or was written by a company that went under or decided to end-of-life (EOL) the application.

What do you do when the vulnerability scanner run by your security department detects up to 600 applications that are out of compliance? In most cases, the security organization will want these applications either upgraded or moved off your network.

This isn’t always possible due to the criticality of most of these applications. Often, they are critical to run the day-to-day operations of the company or they are critical to the well-being of the organization.
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Integrating Security to Create True Hyper-Convergence for Data Centers

Congratulations to the crew at Nutanix, who just hit the public markets in a successful IPO. I hope this marks the beginning of a tech-IPO revival. What it definitely demonstrates is that organizations are investing heavily in their hybrid enterprise infrastructure. It also highlights the huge role converged systems will have on the data centers that companies will continue to build.

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