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Your 2017 IT Security Checklist

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As we head into 2017, cybercriminals still have the advantage. This is despite the billions of dollars worldwide we sink into cybersecurity.

This is concerning—especially since most of the attacks we face are predictable. For example, there’s a lot of hype around hacking events (like blaming whole countries on them), but the truth is that most data breaches fall into common areas of attack.

(Get your instant download of the 2017 IT security checklist here, or keep reading for another chance to download later.)

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5 Critical IT Security Questions You Need Answers to in 2017

Locked Gate

When you think about securing your IT environment, what’s top of mind? The answer is usually preventing data breaches and protecting critical data—intellectual property, information on people and so on.

When we look at the systems that need to be secured in order to protect those data sets, many often overlook Microsoft Active Directory.

Used by more than 90 percent of organizations, when Active Directory is compromised, attackers can gain access to the entire IT infrastructure. You may not realize it, but this application is currently under heavy attack because our adversaries know its value.

Let’s take a closer look at the five critical questions to ask about your IT security that you may not have thought of.

(For a deeper dive into this topic, check out a recent webinar on critical security questions CIOs are asking.)

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How IT Security Executives Are Taking on Social Media

Twitter on Mobile Device

If you’re an IT security pro, you’re probably aware that social media can be leveraged in security attacks … but did you also know it can help build your personal brand and connect you with others in your space, including top talent?

In this industry report by Leadtail, Inc., research revealed how the most influential IT security executives in North America (more than 600) use Twitter to connect, learn and share. Let’s look closer at those findings now.

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Why You’re Spending More on IT Security and Not Getting Results [Infographic]

Despite the fact that organizations are spending billions worldwide on IT security, the results aren’t getting any better. That’s because our adversaries know exactly which systems are vulnerable and methodically work to compromise them. Meanwhile, IT teams are overwhelmed by the amount of security events they face along with competing internal priorities: things are overlooked, systems go unpatched. Check out the infographic below for what we’re up against and how we can make a change …Continue Reading →

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